Cris - Lancashire UK

"Kirsten I am in tears over my beautiful painting which is fabulous. How can I ever thank you enough. I’ll be in touch soon xxxxx."

Hannah - Belfast Ireland

"It's arrived! Looks even better in person.. it's stunning, thanks so much! His eyes are amazing, love him. Thanks again."

Robert - New York - USA

I'm happy to report that "Illumination" arrived yesterday and is now up on the wall.  I've attached a couple of photos so you can see it.  It's sitting right behind my favorite reading spot so it'll always be watching over me :)Thanks so much for working with me to allow for this wonderful work to be in my home.  I look forward to following your career and seeing what's in store for the future!

Mark - UK

"Just had a wonderful studio visit to Kirsten's studio in Scotland. A wonderful friendly, really talented young lady. Thanks you so much for taking the time to host us!!"