Hello, SOO happy you're here! The support I've felt from all of you over the years is honestly so incredible and warming. I really appreciate every like and comment on my page, nothing goes unnoticed.

Although I have work sold through galleries now, I really want to still keep a direct link to you guys so we can chat, laugh and catch up as you watch me attempt to navigate my art career!!


QUICK "SPEECH" before the good bits!! 

Late last year I had an incredible opportunity to work with another large gallery group, I even popped an email newsletter out pre telling some of you where the work was going! In the end my gut decision was the company and the percentage fee just wasn't the right fit for me at this time in my career and with 4 paintings in hand ready to go, I pulled out. I REALLY want to still have that epic feeling of someone messaging me showing me their art, from even as small as picking up one of my cards at open studios to a painting proudly on display on the wall you feel a real connection to!
I'll be in this career for the long haul (I'm really not qualified to do anything else!!) and I'm proud to call this my job. I also love re investing back in to my business with your help - whether it's trying some new oil paints or surfaces and other challenging and very technical pieces such as the current wildebeest painting you may have already seen.


If you're still with me, CONGRATS (and thankyou)!! I'll end the boring reading bit and hit you with some actual art work which is really what you're here for!

Here are 4 original paintings which were not yet released for official sale or given over to my gallery representation.




"RADIANT YOUTH" 50cm x 50cm



"POWER" 110cm x 80cm SOLD




"VULNERABILITY" 30cm x 40cm


As this is a direct sale offer, I'm going to waive the usual gallery percentage for these particular pieces and give 50% DISCOUNT to any direct interest from you guys, I haven't offered direct for a long time and really want to gauge any interest in this :)


If any of these might spark a little interest or you feel particularly fond or connected to one, pop me over a message and I can send over some more information and some higher resolution images that showcase the intricate details in these works. Flexible payment plans are available, if you have your heart set on any of my artwork, we can discuss the best way to make it work for you :)


Here's how to get in touch: 

Click the following and pop me a message on either of my social media pages!

Kirsten Mirrey Art or @kmirreyart (instagram)

or email me at



Parts of my journey in to producing prints or pieces for exhibitions often involve some "one off" pieces or samples, artist proofs and other special bits that are involved in the "ahaa" moment of the final piece. These are never really offered up for sale as the pricing doesn't typically fit in to what I offer online and also, they're normally one offs.

I've had a great look through all of these pieces and decided to offer a select 10 up as a special sale just for you guys before these pieces are offered up to my open studios viewings! 20% of these sales will be donated to Wildlife ACT to help support the very real life conservation of the incredible animals I'm painting.

To have a wee browse and see if anything tickles your fancy, head over to this link here :








I'm really keen to be able to give back to one of you and invest some of my time in to creating a dream piece of original artwork for your home. I want to make this completely FREE to enter so that absolutely everyone has a fair chance of owning their own artwork! This will be totally randomly selected so It's really anyone's win! 

Up for grabs:

A4 pencil/oil painting of any wildlife animal (so sorry, no pets!!) in a completely customised realistic style that is yours and yours alone. A 1-1 consultation, however you like - email, whatsapp, phone! - to discuss your dream painting and for me to bring that to life.

If you would fancy entering, head over to my facebook page here and find the pinned post at the top of my page! GOOD LUCK!!