Meet the Artist

Meet the artist - Kirsten Mirrey


My name is Kirsten Mirrey, i'm a self taught artist from Fife, Scotland. After I left school i followed up my love of art by doing horse portraits for friends. Being already based in the horse community with my love of showjumping and also working on a Stud Farm for 3 years allowed me to really grow my client base. 

After a while I started getting requests for more subjects such as dogs and portraits and other domestic animals. Looking back on my work I can see a huge improvement in both my technique and also finding my style. 

I chose not to go to university for a few reasons, I was enjoying being so involved with my horses and valued a real work experience. I also had a lack of confidence in my own work and didn't think i would quite fit into art school with my more hyper realistic style goal.

Being self taught has allowed me to go through lots of trial and error experiments, and also find my own comfortable style of art. It has also allowed me to create a number of connections in the real world of business and made me more business minded!

For the future i have lots of goals i would like to achieve! I have been really inspired by hyper realism over the past few years and would love to create my own pieces in the same style. It takes a lot of patience and a good eye to recreate photographic style images. 

Continually adding more and more products to my website, I love the idea that my work reaches beyond just owning my originals and with my affordable price range almost anyone could have my work in their homes in some shape or form!


Kirsten :)