How to choose the right photo for your commission

Which photo should i choose?

In this post I want to show you some simple do's and don'ts when choosing your photo you would like to be painted or drawn. This is just a general guide and you don't need a professional portrait photographer or camera to get the right photo. 

This ultimately is to make sure that you get the best outcome possible for your portrait. What I can't see in a photo can only be made up in my mind, which makes it look less and less like your animal.


So the first point is angles. Angles really make a big difference to your portrait. You should try to stay eye level to your subject and make sure they are not completely square on. This can make them look a little flat.

As you can see by the first photo this is a really great angle as it highlights all of the features well and makes sure the horse looks 3d. The second photo is at an unflattering angle and distorts the horse a little. This would not make a good portrait.


Second example that is probably the most important of all! Quality of the image you are sending.

Quality is so so important as you can have the most stunning picture taken, but if you send me a small quality copy and i try to zoom in, all that is there is pixels. I then have to blend around the pixels and make as much sense as i can of the photo... which ultimately looks less and less like your animal! It also makes the process much harder for me which affects the quality.


So in these examples you can see, the one on the left is taken in good lighting (also important! Indoor pictures tend to lack in quality) so when i zoom into key features such as the eyes and nose, i can get every small detail in that makes your pet unique. In the right hand photo it has been also taken in great lighting, but shown to me in a small file size. This happens a lot when people send me small jpegs they have bought from a photographer at a show. The photo in the first place was great .. but the size is not. Even without zooming in you can see how little there is to work with detail wise. Everything seems a little blurry. This would not be a good photo to work with.


I hope this somewhat helped you to decide what photos you would choose to send in the future. There are lots of different factors when deciding what photos to send but these are just my main two points i recommend thinking about when you decide to have your pet commissioned. It helps me do a great justice to their character and personalities!