My Top Picks: Essential Art Supplies for Every Artist

My Top Picks: Essential Art Supplies for Every Artist


Hey there, fellow artists!

As someone deeply immersed in the world of art, I'm always on the lookout for the best tools and supplies to enhance my creative process. Today, I'm thrilled to share with you a curated selection of my favorite art supplies and products that have truly elevated my artistic journey. From paints to brushes and everything in between, these essentials are sure to inspire and support your creativity.


1. Premium Paints and Brushes

When it comes to creating captivating artworks, quality paints and brushes are non-negotiable. I've found that brands like Michael Harding and Gamblin offer exceptional quality and versatility in their paints. I always order from my favourite company in the UK that stocks brands like these - Jacksons Art. Their wide range of colors and brush types allow me to explore various techniques and bring my artistic visions to life.

Gamblin Oil Paints

Michael Harding Oil Paints (my personal favourites!)

Detail Brushes

Synthetic Oil Paint brushes  

Odorless Spirits (Brush Cleaning, Paint Thinning)

Varnishing Paintings (I use 50% gloss and 50% Satin Ratio Mixed)

Faster Drying Oil Paint Medium

Fav Varnishing Brush

2. Versatile Canvases and Surfaces

A good canvas is the foundation of any masterpiece. I swear by these stretched canvases or stretching my own canvases (once I got confident). Belle Arti is my absolute favourite and I have tested a few and found the perfect grain for me to acheive the finest of details in my work. Their archival-quality materials ensure the longevity of my artworks, while their versatility allows me to experiment with different mediums and textures.

Bespoke Canvas Ready to paint

- If you choose this I recommend the following options: 

Strecher bar size: Museum Wooden 43mm deep x 58mm wide (for chunky canvases) or 25mm deep x 65mm wide (for standard canvases)

Canvas Type: Primed Cotton

Canvas Material: Belle Arti Poly/Cotton: Ultra Fine (No Grain) 330gsm Universal Primed CL575

Canvas Dimensions : whatever you need! :)

Belle Arti Canvas Roll (Stretching your own)

Jacksons Stretcher Bars Chunky (43mm) (Stretching your own)

Jacksons Stretcher Bars Normal (25mm) (Stretching your own)

3. Essential Drawing Tools

Sketching is an essential part of my creative process, and having the right drawing tools is crucial. I rely on graphite pencils, charcoal, and sketchbooks from brands like Caran Dache, Seawwhite or Faber Castell for their durability and reliability. These tools enable me to capture my ideas and refine my sketches with precision.

The Greatest Coloured Pencils of all time

Budget Sketching Pencils for Sketchbook

The sketchbook I use

4. Packing your Artwork

Packing your Art can be both aesthetically pleasing and robust, you shouldn't have to comprimise on either. I like the unboxing of my art to feel branded and like an experience, your collector shouldn't find this part difficult or give them a bad vibe for the art that's inside! Using plain cardboard sheets, I custom cut each of my boxes. I even found a handy template online that you can use to see how to make/fold each shape of box. I use a fragile tape and a strong reinforced tape to make sure it arrives in one piece.

Double Wall Cardboard Sheets

Foam Edge Protection

Paper Bubble Wrap

Large Bubble Wrap

Foam Rolls (Good for Glass)

Reinforced Strongest Tape Ever

Warning/Fragile Tapes

Glassine Paper - Essential for packing Oil Paintings!

I use this to make my box templates!


5. Prints

I make my prints in house and have been able to do so affordably since 2018. As I sell a certain volume of prints each month, this made sense for me to invest in my own printing. If you only sell prints occasionally or want to have them delivered printed to your door I recommend an excellent fine art print service - Printspace.


PSST. Here’s a 50% off voucher code that you can use with Printspace at the checkout on your first order! 95W8083

The Printer I use (Upto A2 Prints)

Hahnemuhle Photograg Paper (Matte)



5. Useful Creator Tools

A clutter-free studio is essential for maintaining focus and productivity. That's why I've come to collect all these super handy gadgets over the years! These practical tools help me keep my workspace organized and efficient, ensuring that I can focus on what matters most—creating art.

Oil Paint Tube Squeezer

Gooseneck Ipad/Phone Holder for filming or using reference photos

Phone Mount for Tripod/Filming Content


I hope you find these recommendations helpful on your artistic journey. By investing in quality art supplies and products, you're setting yourself up for success and unlocking your full creative potential. I'll keep adding to this list every now and again as I find awesome new helpful products, feel free to bookmark and check up at a later date. Happy creating!

[Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.]

Happy creating! 

Kirsten x





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